Restore: Bath Tea
Restore: Bath Tea

Restore: Bath Tea

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Oats have been used for centuries to help relieve itchy and sore skin. Which is why this product is amazing for any itchy skin complaint or just to have more silky smooth skin:

The oats are grown in New Zealand and contain:

  • beta glucan, which is a substance that can absorb water, which the skin needs for hydration.
  • phenols, which are a type antioxidant.
  • saponins, which have soap-like properties and can act as a cleanser

Plus this amazing bath tea contains:

  • The power of Epsom salts: one of the best ingredients to replenish lost magnesium. 
  • Lavender - grown here in New Zealand, to help ease the mind and body
  • New Zealand sea salt, a natural boost of mineral goodness. 

and more:

Colloidal oat (Aveena sativa)*, Epsom Salts (Magnesium sulfate), Sea salt (Maris sal)*, Lavender flowers*

*NZ origin.

This product has a small organic cotton bag that you can fill with the ingredients and then let soak in the bath or scrub directly onto the skin. The bag is hand wash and the contents can go into home compost.