Why Refill?

Why refill?

It’s the new thing, the “it” thing, the trendsetter thing. Actually, the concept has been around for hundreds of years, we humans decided that we prefer things individually plastic wrapped, sealed, and no hands touching thank you very much, back in the 80’s.

It is making a galloping come back though, hurrah! Just need to wave through those pesky health & safety issues first though… still got to check the bureaucracy is well and truly intact. I’m joking on this point, there is still a need to ensure all boxes are ticked in terms of sanitisation etc. etc.*

But why is it important... well, let’s see… firstly most items, if not in plastic, are in glass or aluminium. I admit, the White Cloud products look better in the blue glass jar, and the darkness serves a purpose too; it limits UV into the product thus extending the shelf life, and makes it less icky for you, the consumer. 

However glass is very energy consuming to make. Glass is made from 71% Silica (sand), 11% Limestone (Calcium) and 4% other ingredients.  Natural gas is burned to provide the heat to melt these ingredients to a whopping 1500 ᴼC! This also produces a huge amount of carbon emissions.

This is also one of the reasons why plastic has been a preferred choice for manufacturers: it has a lower melting point and can be moulded into a great many shapes.

It is also the reason why I want to encourage refill refill and more refill! Did you know that White Cloud uses home compostable pouches made here in New Zealand to refill your jars? Plus I can give you tips on how to ensure your jar is kept in tip top shape for years to come. Or, if you don’t want to refill... how about using the glass jar as a nice tea light holder (pro tip here: don’t let your child use brown paint on it, whoops!)

As an aside, and to minimise glass production and waste, the amazing Replenish face oil no longer comes with a glass dropper as they can only be used once. Instead it comes with a handy dripulator cap that can be reused.



*Did you know that White Cloud has a Good Manufacturing Policy? It is updated every 6 months, want to find out more, then have a look at the White Cloud web page as it is on there.

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