What the oil?

Carrier oils vs Essential oils


What is the difference? They are both oils, they both come from a natural object. Why are they different?

I think it is important to know the difference of these two if you are using any oils in every day life, which lets face it, is pretty much all of us are whether it is in a skin cream, a hair product or even a cleaning product.

We know that Oil and Water do not mix. So why is it important not to add undiluted essential oils straight into your bath or onto your body. This explanation below hopefully clears up any confusion.

Just some fact of the day info: The word oil comes from the French oile and Latin olem

So here are the differences:

Essential oils are the volatile oil compounds extracted from the root, bark, or flower of a plant. They are extremely concentrated and are obtained by steam distillation or expression (which refers to the mechanical cold-pressing of the fruit inside)*. They are usually highly aromatic, due to the concentration, and they offer aromatherapy properties as well as therapeutic.

Carrier oils, also known as ‘fixed’ oils, are usually cold pressing the nuts or seeds of the plant; the fatty matter of a plant. They are not volatile and are used to ‘carry’ essential oils, or dilute the essential oils so they are safe for use, while not losing any of their key components. Carrier oils still have many amazing properties on their own, and are nourishing and can protect the skin. One example is Hazelnut oil. It is astringent and is known to encourage cell-regeneration.


I hope that helps clarify the difference between the two.




*little side note here that often the distilled water is what is used as floral waters, or hydrosols.


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