What on Earth am I doing?

Why White Cloud? What on earth am I doing?

So, I went through a massive amount of reflection recently.

As we keep hearing, these are “unprecedented times”. For some reason, survival instinct perhaps, I thought my family were immune to the events of the outside world on our little bubble. It turns out I was wrong. My husband has been made redundant and so we, like many other families across the world, face an uncertain future. This includes a doubtful future for White Cloud. As a result I started to think of a life without this little business as it seems easier to chuck it away than fight for it, but then I started a list (who doesn’t like a good list?!) of why I started on my White Cloud journey.    

I created this business out of a passion for finding a relief for skin disorders. I also created it as I really believe that when we respect the astonishing flora and fauna of this incredible planet, we can use these resources we have around us to help restore, enhance and boost not just our skin but also our well being.  And it is this last point that I came back to on my list. So I want to stand up for this and carry on, even if it is a little bit here and there, just for now. So, here is a lovely little DIY face mask. Its not the answer to any of the problems that we are facing, but its lovely for your skin, and doesn’t cost the Earth.

All you need is one ripe banana and half an avocado – Seriously! **

Believe it or not but banana is incredibly soothing for the skin. The vitamin A content restores moisture and repairs dry skin. Avocado has long been lauded as a miracle for skin; the chlorophyll content reduces inflammation and the high vitamin E content helps hydrate.

How to:

Mash the banana and avocado together and apply to clean, dry skin. Leave on and reeeeeelaaaaax for 20 to 25 minutes and then wash off with cold water. If you have dry and/ or mature skin, it is best to follow with a light day moisturiser.

Enjoy x

Take care for now,

Juliette x

** we are lucky enough here in NZ to have access to beautiful home grown Avocado's and Fair Trade bananas, which is what I would recommend using if you can.

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