Skin care 101, Part 1: the Comedogenic scale.

Figuring out what works best for our skin can feel like cracking an intricate code. It's even more perplexing when we're bombarded with a deluge of products, each heralding a unique oil as the oh-so-critical ingredient. Here’s why understanding the composition of oils matters: It empowers you to tailor your skincare regiment precisely, helping you nurture your skin with the nutrients it needs most.

The Comedogenic rating is a scale that shows how likely a specific ingredient can clog your pores. The scale ranges from a number in between 0 – 5, with 0 being non-comedogenic and 5 being the most severely comedogenic. This is important as an oil with a higher comedogenic number can be too oily for the delicate skin on your face, but is excellent for skincare products for your body that need that extra slip from these oils.

For example: Hazelnut oil is very light, it is easily absorbed and is between 1 and 2 on the scale. Cocoa butter, waxes, Coconut oil are at about 5 on the scale. They are much firmer in texture, due to the longer chains of fatty acids and are, therefore, not so great to use in large quantities onto the face.

Each ingredient used in skincare has an individual composition that makes them uniquely beneficial.

Read on to the next blog post to find out all about Fatty acids, and why they are needed, not just by what you eat, but also by what you put on your skin.


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