Our Oceans.

Why are our Oceans and aquatic life so important?

Lets start with some basic facts:

  • About 70% of our planet is made up of Oceans.
  • There are roughly 228,000 species that call the Ocean their home, and those are the ones we know about.
  • The Ocean produces more than 50% of our oxygen and absorbs 50 times more carbon dioxide than our atmosphere.
  • It helps regulate our climate.
  • It is also currently under threat, not just from rising sea levels, but the decimation of coral reefs (see link here for the problem of sunscreen), to over fishing.
  • Without the Sea, the life on Earth would not exist.
  • There is an estimated 24.4 trillion pieces of microplastic currently in the ocean, and this is climbing every day.
  • Around 8 million pieces of plastic go into our oceans, EVERY DAY.


What can you do?

Lots and lots. If you eat fish, please ensure it is sustainable (there is a link here for guidance on that).

Participate in beach cleans ups, there are so many that are organised, or how about organising one yourself? And, Im not just talking about plastic bags, but I mean the tiny pieces of plastic and cigarette butts.

Have a look at Our Seas Our Future for more info

Stop buying stuff that will end up in the ocean: Glitter, Im looking at you.

There is so much more information out there (no, not Seaspiracy), that I feel like Ive just scratched the surface.


I feel like the 50 cents for Our Seas Our Future is pittance, and it is something that I want to grow on in the future.

But, anything that we do whether it is picking up a cigarette butt, or tiny bit of plastic, or stop eating unsustainably caught fish, helps.


Juliette X

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