As you may be aware by now, one of my favourite things to do is research.. research and more research. I want to keep me, and therefore you, informed of any potential ingredients, or popular ingredients, how they are sourced, where they are sourced from and any implications to our planet.

So, Mica. That ubiquitous mineral that is found in so many products, from shimmery eye shadow to toothpaste and industrial cleaners.

Mica is used in skincare as it reflects light away from the skin thus making the skin look smoother.


It is a natural mineral and is mined, usually by hand via an open pit or deep shaft mines. If it is not handled appropriately, it can create potentially toxic dust as it is mined, leading to respiratory illnesses.


But, according to the ILO (International Labour Organisation), there are more than one million children currently working in the mines, predominantly in Africa and Asia.

However... as the call for ethical sourcing is getting stronger, there are now more sustainable options such as Mica that can be found in America and Canada* I strongly believe that we, as consumers, can change what is happening in the world... so next time you buy an eye shadow or anything shimmery, check with the manufacturer where the Mica is sourced.

We can change how the world is xx



* Such as https://www.sunchemical.com/natural-mica-clean-and-conscious/

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