Easy Lip balm

Sustainable, easy and beautiful lip balm recipe for you or for a lovely gift this Christmas πŸ’™

🌿 Ingredients (for 100gms)

🐝 New Zealand beeswax* 20gms: adds softness and firms

🍫 Fairtrade Cocoa butter 30gms is emollient and firms.

🌰 Fairtrade Shea butter 10gms is emollient and smoothes

🌻 New Zealand Sunflower oil 38.5gms for beautifully soft lips πŸ’‹

% New Zealand Lavender essential oil - 1gm (optional) fragrance and soothing.

πŸƒ organic vitamin E 0.5gm (optional) antioxidant and ensures the balm is amazing for even longer.

Heat the beeswax, Cocoa and Shea butter to at least 70°c in a Bain Marie. Add the Sunflower oil and stir to combine. Take off the heat and stir in essential oil and vitamin e. Pour into molds. If you find it too soft, add more beeswax and less oils/ Shea butter 😘

Using the lovely heart shaped molds from Little Giants Kid Store - NZ

* l am aware that beeswax is controversial, I have moved away from "vegan" wax as it is not sustainable. The supplier of the beeswax used is from New Zealand and ensures that no harm comes to the bees πŸ’™ Please see the other blog post regarding Wax

Got any questions? Let me know :-)

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