Cocoa bath & body melt

Organic and Fair trade Cocoa butter, Theobroma cacao, Origin: Peru

  • The butter is the solid fat produced from the chocolate fruit and bean. It is a very effective emollient and provides a barrier on the skin to prevent moisture loss and therefore keeps the skin hydrated.
  • Rich in Oleic and Stearic acid, the butter aids skin elasticity and tone by supporting collagen production and this in turn can help to fade stretch marks and scars.
  • It is used to help thicken the overall product, giving it a rich and creamy feel.
  • Undeodarised as I wanted to keep the rich chocolate- vanilla scent.

Avocado butter, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil and Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Origin: New Zealand

  • A lovely emoillient, improves moisturisation and softens rough, dry skin.
  • It is antioxidant rich in Vitamins A, D and E.
  • Avocado butter melts easily, and is absorbed quickly into the skin, without an oily residue.

Olive oil, Olea Europa, Origin: NZ

  • Contains high levels of Vitamin E and Vitamin A
  • It is considered a “fatty” oil so is very good for dry skin.
  • High levels of Squalane.
  • The oil is considered an occlusive as it helps keep moisture in the skin.

Hazelnut Oil, Corylus avellana – Origin: New Zealand.

  • Suitable for sensitive, mature skin and baby skin. It is easily absorbed into skin leaving no oily or sticky residue.
  • It encourages cell regeneration, tones and firms skin due to its high squalene content.
  • It’s loaded with skin-nourishing vitamins, such as Vitamin E that help protect skin against sun damage, boost collagen production, and more.
  • The hazelnut tannin content stimulates skin circulation while the astringent properties can assist with oily skin.


Vegetable Glycerine, USP Grade, Palm Free Glyceral, Organic

  • Vegetable Glycerine is a sugar alcohol that is sourced from animal or plant oils or from petroleum.
  • White Cloud uses a palm free vegetable glycerine that is derived from non-GMO certified organic oils including soy and corn.
  • The glycerine is used as a humectant: so it attracts and retains moisture in the skin.


Emulsifier HE20, Organic, Cetearyl glucoside & sorbitan olivate, Origin: NZ

  • This one pot emulsifier aids to mix the water and oil ingredients together to form one beautiful, glossy product.
  • Developed from natural ingredients, is PEG-free and without preservatives or additives.
  • It is a nonionic oil-in-water emulsifier, based on olive oil fatty acids which are known for their excellent compatibility with lipids present in skin.
  • Suitable for sensitive skincare products. The ability to form liquid crystal systems allows the making of products which are particularly compatible with the lipid structures of the skin.

Grapefruit essential oil, Citrus paradise, Origin: Australia, or Organic from India.

  • Assists in soothing and easing tired muscles.
  • Uplifting aroma.

Vitamin E – used as an antioxidant, D-alpha tocopherol natural, 1000IU, Origin: China.

  • This Vitamin E is naturally derived from Soy bean.
  • Prevents oxidisation
  • Increases Vitamin E levels in the skin.
  • Decrease the severity of UV induced skin aging.

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